Thursday, July 3, 2008


Maddie asked me awhile ago if we could have another Girl's Night Out. I saw that the American Girl movie was going to be coming out soon and so we decided we would go see this. Maddie invited all the girls in our family that were old enough to sit through a movie. Mom and Tracy were available but Kelly had to work. It will probably be awhile before Maddie's female cousins are able to join us!

We started with dinner at Applebee's. While it was nice to eat out, it certainly wasn't the greatest service. It took almost a half-hour to get our food out and when we did we had about 15 minutes to eat before we had to leave. On top of that my mom's steak (which the waitress explained was the reason our food took so long - to fully cook it) was very red on the inside. Mom's not really fond of red meat and as Tracy said, "she took one for the team" and ate around it and we all shoveled the dessert in and headed out.

After that it was to the movie. Shakopee theater is great in that no one really ever goes there. I feel bad for the owner - I'm sure he'd appreciate a bit more patronage, but when you want to see a popular movie, you can generally count on not having to deal with crowds here. There couldn't have been more than 30 people in the whole theater.

It was a good movie. I highly suggest it if you have girls - or grandmas. My mom was crying at the end. I even had some welling up in the eyes. But most important Maddie had a great time hanging with the girls.

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