Saturday, July 12, 2008

Here Fishy, Fishy!

Today Mike and I spent some time trying to figure out what we could do today that would require us to spend some quality time together as a family. Our options were the Star Wars exhibit at the Science Museum (only Jake would LOVE - and almost a hundred bucks), fishing, or hanging out by the pool all day. Option 3 sounded great, but we are going to be hanging out all day tomorrow for Jake's birthday party so we decided on fishing.

We printed out the licenses, headed to Walmart to pick up some cheap poles for the kids and some worms and headed to a pier in Prior Lake. Only we go there and there were absolutely no places to park. It wasn't busy; there was just literally no place to park - none even existed. And we couldn't park on any side streets within walking distance of this deserted pier because all the neighborhoods apparently lobbied to get "no parking" signs. Now we know why the pier was deserted.
So we headed to O'Dowd lake in Shakopee. There were a few more people on the dock than Mike or I would have preferred being that this was the first time our kids had actually thrown lines, but what can you do. One by one those fishermen disappeared - no doubt fearing for their safety. We set to work.

Jake was the first to catch a fish and was he ever excited! Literally jumping up and down pumping his fists in the air. At that point I said a prayer to God that if he let Maddie catch just one fish, I wouldn't care if I ever caught a fish again. After awhile Maddie did catch her fish - and then some. She was the winner this afternoon with 14 fish total - though after seeing the first fish up close she screamed and ran. I could barely get her in the frame for her picture. Jake & Mike tied at 4 fish each and I came in with a whopping two (but they were good fish).

We spent about 4 hours out there and I think Mike and I only really fished for about an hour total. The rest of the time we were freeing fish or baiting everyone's hooks. Yuck. Maddie had to go to the bathroom halfway through and we headed to the local golf course to use their facilities; I managed to swipe some paper towels to clean our hands. Of course, Jake had to go after we got back. Mike took him to the woods and showed him how lucky he was to be a boy. I think he thought that was pretty cool.

So, family day accomplished and we all had a blast and lots of stories - true or not - to tell!

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