Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pseudo-country living

When we first moved to Shakopee, there were a few things we had to get used to. One is the wind. It is so windy here. We are constantly battling this regarding the pool - the cover blows into the pool every couple weeks. We've learned to collapse all outdoor chairs before heading inside for the night.

Another thing we had to get used to - and one we still struggle with if the wind is blowing just right: the smell of fresh air. And I mean fresh...cow fresh. Manure fresh.

But with this comes a couple things that I'm sure won't be around forever and a few things I'm sure we'll miss someday; I know I will. We have farms relatively close to us. So, it isn't uncommon for us to be driving down the road whenever and see how all the cows are doing at the corner farm. And it's a thrill each time the kids pass the horses; they never get tired of it. Today we saw the two horses out and when we got home the kids wanted to walk over and see them. I think it's cool that we can walk over to see horses!

Unfortunately they can't touch the horses. There's an electric fence that runs along the top of wooden one. I've often wondered if it really does run electricity or if it's just for show, but I'm not about to try it out. I'm also not about to verbalize my curiosity because there are those of us who would go ahead and test the theory. Jake is his name and while he's come close to maxing his deductible for medical stuff I'd just rather we stayed under the limit.
But, it's still fun to walk over, visit and walk back. Even if, occasionally, we do have to hold our nose while doing it.

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