Tuesday, July 22, 2008

S'more Fun for Us!

Tonight after I finished teaching and went to visit with Mike & Jake who were swimming, Jake asked if we could roast marshmallows. This had been sidestepped during dinner but when brought up again hard to resist.

So tonight we had good 'ol s'mores out back. Mike threw us both off by roasting 4 marshmallows at once. This felt odd to me, but he said he thought it was what we normally did. When he handed them over to me to put together I looked at him skeptically. We both realized we NEVER roast 4 marshmallows at once because they are impossible to split up after being roasted so each kid was treated to a s'more with four marshmallows. Talk about gooey! Needless to say, they were pretty excited about these treats!

Between bites we asked Madison to regale us with a ghost story from her recent slumber party. She had one ready and waiting. It went something like this (but longer...):

"A couple stayed at a hotel. In the middle of the night they heard faint singing, "we'll all die when the log rolls over!" They were scared and ran. As did three other couples afterward. The fourth couple heard it and investigated the attic. There they found a golden toilet..."

Does anyone see where this was going? Mike and I did and looked at each other shaking our heads.

"They found a golden toilet and 6 tiny ants. The grandma died from fright. The grandpa flushed the toilet and down went the ants."

This was followed by her bursting out laughing. Now, wondering if our nine-year-old really understood the meaning of "log" we asked - she assured us she did. So, we asked her to define it. She said, "You know...it's that thing on the inside of the toilet that when you flush it goes up and down..." She was pretty proud of her answer. So then we actually enlightened her to the real meaning - well - that joke got a whole lot funnier! Jake just liked that we said the word "poop".

During all this Jake just kept eating -
and eating - and eating.
He got stickier and messier by the minute!
It looks like he's playing one of those "cat's cradle" games - doesn't it?

Maddie managed to keep most of the gook off her face.
However, her chocolate was melting all over the place. How it escaped from the pillow of marshmallow, I don't know.
But, by night's end it was all over her hands and her clothes.

And finally we were through the marshmallows. I totally disgusted the kids by taking the last two and roasting them, then catching them on fire and eating it. They both ran running telling me I was "totally grossing them out."

That designation and I wasn't even the one who brought up "logs".


Mike said...

Actually Maddie said the people heard "...When the log roles over we will all be dead" :)

Kerry said...