Friday, July 18, 2008


"Poor Jake." That went through my head about a million times last night. Maddie had her friends over for a slumber party. Jake was looking forward to swimming (probably looking forward to showing off for the ladies - he is a bit of a Romeo). He also wanted to watch the gift opening, eat pizza with them, and generally be involved. I don't know to what degree Maddie thought this was a good idea, but none of it came to fruition because of that darned strep throat diagnosis.

The doctor had told us that we could still have the party as long as he stayed away from the girls - upstairs was the best place for him if they were downstairs. So, when our first guest arrived, I shooed Jake upstairs and followed him up to get on the computer. He was in heaven - I think he spent about 2 hours playing on No - normally this isn't allowed, but whatever kept him occupied and happy while he missed flirting and partying, I was okay with.

Then dinner. These little vultures ate 2 family sized pizzas...5 girls! There were 3 small pieces left; we expected to have lunch completely covered today - Think. Again. Jake gave us his saddest eyes and asked if he could eat dinner with the girls. I said it wasn't possible, but he could eat in my room on a tray watching a movie with pop. Tray/pop=happiness and so all was right again. That and he got Chicken Noodle Soup which Grandma Murphy assured him Thursday night would make him feel better. (He was also very excited when she told him he should eat lots of popsicles - what better remedy than that?)

So, Maddie had a delightful party - estimates are that they were asleep around 2:30am. Jake survived the quarantine and I think we are all taking a nap today.

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