Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Today's the day! First day of school!

Last night, personally, I couldn't sleep. It's always been that way for me the day before school. I've been on trips to Norway, England and other places and slept like a baby the night before. But, every single year I never slept the night before school. You would think that would have changed since I'm not actually the one going to school, but apparently these habits are hard to break.

So, I got up a little earlier than the kids and made eggs for Jake and reheated some pancakes for Maddie. We had curled Maddie's hair in curlers the night before and it was a little crazy so it ended up in a ponytail. Considering the humidity level today, there should be absolutely no curl left by 9:30am.

Of course we had to do pictures - I got eye rolls from both kids. I may just do this every year until they stop rolling their eyes. We may be out there taking pictures when they are seniors if they keep rolling their eyes.

And one picture together - is this the picture of two excited kids or what?

This year the kids have a new bus-stop. It's still only a house away, but on the other side. Not very easy to see them unless I stand in Jake's window, so I guess that's where I'll be positioned most mornings. I was also curious as to who was going to be there - not a ton of kids on that side of the neighborhood. This morning there were four kids - compared to 17 kids at their stop last year. Maddie and I were honestly not sure the bus would show up, but it did arrive and only a couple minutes late. Up the steps and they were off...not a backward glance:

Then Mike grabbed my hand and we started to walk home and just as it was hitting me that both kids were gone for the day Mike yells, "LET'S PARTY!!!!" You can't get veklempt when you're giggling.
So just how did we celebrate? By heading to Caribou for some coffee and then shopping at Home Depot for grout. I know - some of you are rolling your eyes, but this was a treat for us! We got to take as much time as we wanted to pick out our stuff without having to tag-team watching the kids. Walking in I took a picture of Mike. I think he realized that without kids, he's the one the camera will be aimed at during the day. This will result in two things - he'll either go back to working downtown, or he'll be traveling a lot.

Now it's noon and I may just be able to work in a "lunch out" all in the name of continuing this celebration. I may just grow to love this!

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missy said...

Did the kids ask you both what did you guys do all day?