Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Last Splash

This past week Mike and the kids got a chance to swim on Thursday night. The weather was nice enough and we'd kept the pool heated for just such an occasion. Unfortunately we messed up on the chlorine levels and the pool was pretty cloudy, but still swimmable. Actually, Maddie and Jake got a bit of a kick out of swimming in water they couldn't see in - while chasing "Rover" - the automatic pool cleaner.

Friday afternoon provided another nice chance for the kids to get some swimming in. This time the pool was much less cloudy and they were able to have a couple friends over. So the "Four Muskateers" (they play together ALL the time) jumped, splashed and had a great time getting in that last swim.

Rachel got such a kick out of fixing Jake's hair - she thought it was so fun to make his hair as spikey as possible.

Jake was slightly disappointed when he realized Rachel's long hair wasn't going to get spikey.

We'll probably be closing up the pool soon. Looking at the weather it doesn't look like there will be much more opportunity to swim. So, another season will come to a close and we'll look forward to next summer.

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