Tuesday, September 16, 2008

When the Cat's Away....

....the mice get BUPKUS!

Mike is in Chicago this week. Last week he informed me that his co-worker, Cathy or Kathy or Kathi (apologies if she ever happens to run across this....) anyway - she was making dinner reservations for their group at these great restaurants along with the vendors.

So when Mike called this morning I asked how his dinner was last night. It was good...it was a 14 oz. porterhouse (I think?) that was over $50. His co-workers had some bone-in-rib-type-of-meat at some nice restaurant that overlooked the lake or something having to do with water. Yeah, I didn't get most of the details. I was silently sobbing as I thought about my previous night's meal: leftover broccoli pie. When I told Mike what I'd had he responded with, "Well...that's good too." Ummm....yeah, but it's not $50-steak-good and it certainly isn't good when it's the third dinner/lunch in a row of the same thing.

When he goes out of town three things happen on the nights I teach: 1) the kids get a "Lunchable" for dinner (this is a HUGE treat to them) or 2) I either pack their lunchbags for dinner and they eat watching a movie or 3)I pop some popcorn and set them in front of the t.v. to eat and get some M&M's for dessert. It's never nutritious and it's rarely something that I have to leave teaching to prepare. Tonight was an exception - one student was 20 minutes late, so I had time to help them heat up some leftover spaghetti. Most nights when Mike's gone I don't eat until the kids are in bed so usually that's around 8pm.

Tonight I was just an idiot. Being tired of broccoli pie I had picked out a Hungry-Man-TV-dinner. Now, Mike really hates these, and I really don't mind them so I usually get them when he's gone. However I completely forgot that they take 30 minutes to warm up - hence by 8:35 I was starving.

What's that reading material? Is that an exercise book?? While eating fatty chicken, potatoes and MOUNTAIN DEW - at 8:35pm no less!?! Why, yes it is! Tracy and I are going to start this workout soon and I'm getting in as much junkfood as I can beforehand (and apparantly as late at night as I can) before I need to scale back and try to be a bit more healthy. At least I put it on a plate to be a bit more civilized!
So, it's not steak. Or shrimp. Or a lakefront view from several stories up. It honestly wasn't even good - I was actually quite disappointed in this meal. However, it was quiet and I did finish my book. And hopefully over the next several weeks of what will more than likely involve excrutiating pain - this dinner will start to melt off my body and muscle will appear in its place!

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