Friday, September 26, 2008

Lights Out

I found this note on the floor the other night before we headed upstairs - it must have fallen off the fridge:

And here's the back just to be polite:

So, when I was at church Mike headed upstairs to replace all the lightbulbs that were out (there happened to be one in each room). The light Maddie was begging for was in her closet. In all honestly, it has been out for about three weeks - but it's a closet. Not really the first thing we think about on our to-do list. Usually we remember it at the end of the day when we head into the closet to get clothes for the next day.

On a normal day in this house I constantly ask/tell/remind people - mostly kids - to TURN OFF THE LIGHTS! I clearly remember my dad reprimanding us for this all the time; what goes around comes around.

So it felt like things were back to normal when, the day after the lightbulb was replaced, I headed up to Maddie's room to put away laundry and there in the closet was her light - left on.

It was a lot cheaper when she just plain didn't have a light that worked.

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