Saturday, September 6, 2008

Last "official" Day of Vacation

Friday was the last day Mike and I officially had our vacation so we decided we'd head out to play nine holes of golf. Actually, I think Mike originally wanted to work in the basement again, but I'd been HINTING all week that I would like to play golf. So, when Friday morning rolled around and I said, "So, what's the plan today." He answered me with, "Ummm...I don't know?" I gave him my best "wrong answer" stare and he said, "We are going golfing." I told him that was a great idea!

Really, it was good for him and I think he had a good time despite having to wait for my four hits to his one. As we were getting ready to leave, I had thrown on a t-shirt and jeans. Mike comes down in khaki pants and a polo and looked at me with raised eyebrows. Rarely do I get told I'm under dressed, so I headed back upstairs to change. When I came down in jeans he told me he didn't think my swing would be as good as it would if I were wearing khaki's or something like that. Really - if wearing jeans was the biggest problem with my swing I'd be out buying khaki's left and right. He did agree with that and we left.

It was a beautiful day! We had two hours of us being the only ones on the course so we had plenty of time on each shot for me to get more than a few pointers - all needed and greatly appreciated. My swing did improve throughout our time. I even had a couple shots where my ball flew UP into the air, not merely skimming along the ground. During those amazing shots it was a good thing we were the only ones on the course because I was whooping it up!
See that glove? That's an old glove from my sister that she let me borrow a few years ago and I have yet to return. At one point Mike told me I had to mark my ball and I told him I didn't have one of those small things to lay on the ground. He said it was on my glove! Wow! I always wondered what that snap was for - I just assumed it was a broken part of the glove and the reason Tracy loaned it out!

On one hole I did manage to hit the ball off the tee and it landed on the green - but the best part was that it landed closer than Mike's ball! The difference being that Mike's ball made this lovely fly HIGH into the air and landed with a little "plop" and stayed in place. Mine skimmed the ground, bounced, raced down the hill, landed on a hard piece of ground and amazingly bounced up onto the green. It was brutal and ugly, but did I mention it was closer than Mike's shot?

Our final scores? Mike: 35 Kerry: 52. Par was 30. Clearly I have a little work to do.
The golf pro was trying to sell us on a membership for next summer. After we were done golfing Mike said, "When I retire I'm going to get the membership, I'm going to cancel the gym membership and golf every single day." That's sounds awesome. I hope he lets me go with him sometime.


dad said...

Yeah, by then he'll want a caddy

missy said...

You looked like you were having a blast keep up the good look without kids it is always fun to do someting without someone saying she's touching me or he's picking on me. See you soon.

Kerry said...

Even that's fine - but caddies don't come cheap - especially this one! :)