Wednesday, September 17, 2008

One Sale Too Many

So, we had our garage sale last weekend and it was a huge success because as I mentioned we got rid of that gigantic exercise machine.

Well, Mike found it an excellent opportunity to get rid of some unwanted items as well. He saw that I had put out some old towels that were a bit ragged. He asked why I was selling those. I explained - suddenly there were three more towels out on the table. Eventually those sold and Mike brought out three or four more.

Let me explain; Mike has been complaining about our towels for a good year, possibly more now. They are dark green and he wants light colored towels. These are 12 years old and he just figures they've seen their days. But, being that I do the majority of the shopping and haven't really seen his viewpoint yet, I have forgotten repeatedly to pick up new towels. So when Mike saw me getting rid of the ratty ones, he thought this was his perfect opportunity to get rid of the ones he thought needed replacing: ALL of them.

The only towels we have left are the four that were hanging in the bathrooms the day of the sale. He even suggested Friday night that I wash those to sell on Saturday. So, I've finally been forced to order more towels, but did so online to get a discount. They won't be here for a week. In the meantime I'm having to wash towels A LOT or we are using beach towels. Maybe I'll email Mike and tell him to swipe a few from the hotel before he checks out!

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