Sunday, September 14, 2008

It'TH Out!

Jake and Maddie have been goofing off all day long. Mostly they've been playing legos, but have occasionally been chasing each other around. That's what you get for a week of rain - lots of energy to burn!

Tonight just before leaving for dinner at my parents' house Jake and Maddie were charging around our room. Maddie hopped into our bed and Jake followed after her. There was no actual collision, but all the sudden Jake popped up cupping his hand and said, "MOM! My tooth just fell out!!!" This is Jake's words to describe how it came out:

"I didn't even hit Maddie with my head! I hit her butt with my hand and my tooth popped out!"

That must have been some whollop Maddie took to knock out a tooth!

The tooth next to that one is incredibly loose - I think if we'd pushed a little harder on the wet papertowel we had in his mouth to stop the bleeding that it would have come out. Mike offered - Jake ran away. We've taken bets on when it's going to fall out. I said it would be out before Thursday. Maddie said it would be gone in two days...."On TueTHday" (see...she's learning how to be funny!) and Mike said he thought it would be out by tonight. Mike's exact words were, "I'll make sure I win."

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missy said...

that's funny Aaron lost one of his front teeth tonight what a coincidence the other one will probably come out monday or tuethday also. Let me know whe njake loses his. The boys will be singing the tooth song for chrithsmas.