Friday, September 5, 2008


So tonight we were heading home from dinner and the kids decided it was comedy hour with some jokes they've come up with. Maddie's finally getting the hang of trying to tell jokes that are play-on-words type jokes. Knock knock jokes are a favorite.

Jake...not so great at it. Here's a sample of the conversation heard in the backseat tonight:

Jake: Knock, knock
Maddie: Who's there?
Jake: Orange.
Maddie: Orange who?
Jake: Orange muv you. Ha ha ha.
Maddie: Jake, that doesn't make any sense.
Jake: Oh yeah, you're right. Okay, Knock, knock.
Maddie: Who's there?
Jake: Orange muv.
Maddie: Orange muv who?
Jake: Orange muv you. HA HA HA!

Because obviously, the second rendition made so much more sense! At this point of listening in, I'm trying to hold back my laughter, but the that made my eyes water. Unfortunately that only egged him on to do more:

Jake: Knock, knock!
Mike: Who's there (I couldn't answer because I was laughing/crying too hard)
Jake: Orange muv.
Mike: (looking at me and rolling his eyes) Orange muv who?
Jake: Orange muv shampoo! HA ha ha ha.

So, I was laughing (or trying not to laugh) all over again because these are possibly the stupidest jokes I have ever heard. Jake seeing the effect these jokes had on me said:

I'm seriously funny. I'm going to tell orange muv jokes all the time now.

Don't worry though, I'll spare you the rest of them.

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