Monday, September 29, 2008

Pining Away

A few weeks ago we received some frozen cookie dough that I had ordered from the football team. (And I still get a little chuckle that the football team is selling cookies...).

Anyway - the kids have been begging me to make these cookies. In all honesty it's been a little crazy around here the last couple weeks and I just never seem to get the two hours to sit and make these. Once again last week the kids asked if I could please make these cookies. So, I apologized and said that so much had been going on, I just hadn't found the time. Both kids replied, mostly in the same manner, but I'll quote Maddie because she was closest:

"But mom...we are gone SIX HOURS out of the day."

I agreed - as if I hadn't noticed. I also informed them that there are other things that go on while they are gone. I ran errands, I worked on projects around the house, occasionally cleaned - oh yeah - and that pesky laundry, just to name a few. Apparently they thought I just sat by the window staring outside for six hours until they returned and my life began again.

So last week I found a morning where I was completely alone in the house - Mike was downtown for the day and the kids were at school. I got tons accomplished and between loads of laundry I managed to make M&M cookies.

So now life is back to "Leave It To Beaver" and the kids have a small supply of milk and cookies for after school. Now that this chore is done, I can go back to taking bubble baths and eating bon-bons while they are at school.

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