Monday, September 22, 2008

Grillmaster Murphy

Sounds like a rap name, doesn't it? Far from it.

You would think this post was about Mike. Surprise! On Sunday night while Mike was working on the basement I decided we would have BBQ chicken grilled!

So, after asking Mike for his help in actually turning it on I got to it. Jake took some photos for proof that it was me...

Now, Mike and I have been watching "Primal Grilling" with Steven Reichlan. This guy is a bit loony at times, but I must say he comes up with some dishes that make my mouth water; I'm usually starving at the end of the show. But, he's always talking about "killer grill marks" on your food...the sign of a "real grillmaster". Check out these bad boys:

And here's the family actually ate it!! I was pretty sure the chicken was cooked through and when Mike cut into it and looked at me I was a little alarmed but he said it was done - barely - but done. But hey - IT WASN'T DRY!!! That was my biggest fear. Mike wasn't so sure that should have been my priority, but he ate it! Even Jake ate it!

So, after this meal was finished I told Mike that maybe it wasn't that I was meant to be a cook, maybe I was meant to GRILL! He just politely nodded and I may have glimpsed an eye roll. See...he's been dreaming of a new grill for quite awhile now. I may be stepping on some toes trying to claim his position of griller in the family.

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missy said...

but remember all people are treated equal and girls can do things boys can do and most of the time better. Way to go Girl. POWER TO YOU.