Monday, September 1, 2008

Last Hurrah!

Last Thursday we headed to Iowa for a final trip before school starts (sing with me...."Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I LOVE you, TOMORROW!")...

Anyway - the Iowa Murphy's have been in school for a couple weeks now, so we got to hang out with Grandma Murphy - not a bad gig for these kids. Mike's cousin was getting married on Saturday afternoon and his brother, Pat was an usher. Pat had taken Friday off to get his tux and stuff for the wedding so he and Mike took their mom out for lunch.

What did the kids and I do? Why, we shopped for a strapless bra for me. Yes - at 1am on Thursday night I realized that I had forgotten my strapless bra for my dress for the wedding, not to mention for my blouse for Friday night. Go, me. Bra shopping in general is horribly frustrating, but when you are on a time-constraint of an hour or two? Now add two kids. So, I bribed them with McD's beforehand (complete with a shake with their happy meal!) and 4 stores, 10 bras, and 1 1/2 hours later we were headed home, mission accomplished.

Friday night we ditched the kids with Kay (she's probably still recuperating...) and Pat, Missy, Mike and I headed to the rehearsal. Mike and I had to practice handing out programs. About 10 minutes into arriving at the rehearsal dinner Kay called to tell us that Maddie had a fever of 100.2 and didn't feel good and wanted Kay to call us. So, Mike told Maddie to go to sleep, she'd be fine in the morning. (hopefully...we assumed she got what Jake got at the fair).

Saturday Maddie was much better and we had her relax all day. Then we all headed to Illinois for the wedding. In a span of less than 48 hours we could say we'd been in three states. No one found that to be a fun fact. Anyway, we handed out programs like champs, Pat did a stellar job ushering. Oh yeah...and Dan and Becky got married - they were lovely too.

Now to the party. I think Aaron and Jake danced to every song the DJ played. But it wasn't just that they danced. They did break-dancing! Where did they learn this? I can ASSURE you that neither Mike nor I sit and spin on the floor, and I'm going to go on a limb and assume Pat and Missy don't either. But break-dance they did. Jake pulled out other moves that boggled my mind - at one point, Mike's cousin turned at asked me, "Did Jake just do a pelvic thrust?!?" I closed my eyes and slowly nodded. And for the six-millionth time I became frightened of the future regarding this kid and dating.

Maddie and Samantha weren't to be outdone and led a couple congas. This line generally involved Jake at the end and always managing to get unattached and running behind them, arms flailing to catch up (although his picture was at a resting point).

Mike even managed to finally get Maddie to dance with him. This was no small feat! Mostly this was accomplished by promising that he'd spin her around and swing her so she slid on her feet under his legs.

Mike and I got to dance quite a bit which was very fun. He'll tell you with complete confidence that he rocks at dancing, but he's got me for a partner. Actually, he's right with about 90% of that. I really have no idea what I'm doing and pretty much just try to spin in whatever direction he throws me. Mike got Kay out on the dance-floor too. Much less spinning, but what mom doesn't love a little dance with her son?
Jake and I even managed a couple dances...he even bowed to me when it was over.

Saturday night was also the night our camera retired. More like it was murdered, actually. Jake took some pictures and Mike and I were busy chatting and didn't really force the issue of having him leave it alone. It found the floor. I think we all had to take an equal share of the blame for its demise. Needless to say I'll be finding out if my sister's new camera is all she hoped for.

Sunday we got a later start than normal and because we had to stop for lunch closer to Davenport than normal we decided this may have been the LONGEST ride home. But now we're back and today is the last day of summer for the kids. Hopefully they make the most of it.

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missy said...

that was a very fun night on Friday and Saturday was the bomb.