Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Back to Normal

Sunday night after listening to Jake cough, Mike made the colossal mistake of telling Jake, "it sounds like you won't be going to school tomorrow." Later that night as we were getting ready for bed I asked Jake to get his stuff ready for school the next day and he said, "but mom - dad said I wasn't going to school." I told him if he felt better in the morning than he definitely was. Then I went and knocked Mike over the head with a frying pan. No...of course I didn't, but I did tell him that seemed like a rookie error. He just thought it was funny.

But Monday morning came and Jake, though not wiped out, had a yucky cough that we didn't think would be good to send to school. So, we make-shifted the couch once again and started pumping him full of juice and turned on the t.v.

Jake had it way better than Maddie did in this area. 1) We are now the home for my parent's giant t.v. it's huge - it takes up a whole corner of our family room. 2) We also hooked up the HDTV (?) thing - that box converter - and so now we also get a ton of other channels, including the TPT kid's channel of cartoons 24/7.

You'll notice there are no pictures of Jake being sick like there was with Maddie. That's because I couldn't get Jake to sit still long enough to take one if I wanted. Once he realized he didn't get to play with his cars in his room all day like he thought and that he was relegated to the couch - staying home wasn't too appealing. I've never seen this kid throw so many things away or go to the bathroom as much as he did yesterday; all to be able to walk around. He was going stir-crazy. I did have to let him play me in Battleship to keep him in one place. Nap time only lasted one hour - and that's with Benadryl helping us out.

At 11am after answering that he couldn't play with his cars or trucks or trains for the 8th time, I told Jake that if he was feeling so great I could take him to school. He told me it was too late for that....like it was my punishment.

This morning I was only too happy to give them hugs and kisses goodbye and wish them a good day as they headed off to the bus stop.

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