Thursday, October 2, 2008

End of an Era

....and we couldn't be happier!

Today is the actual day! After four rescheduling sessions we are FINALLY getting carpet in the basement today. What does this truly mean for us? It means that Mike will finally be getting an office and his own space to take his conference calls in. He won't have me folding/snapping laundry in the background or watching t.v. with earphones but still managing to laugh out loud despite his warning/begging me to not make any noise.

So - here's his current "office" situation. Four feet of desk space crammed in between the underwear drawer and card table holding the media center. High tech.

It isn't all bad though....he does have these awesome chairs to sit and gab in when he doesn't need both computers for his meetings. I foresee sometime in the future when he requests a chair for the corner of his office.

And - here's my set-up along the other wall in our room. Crazy messy, but I'm in the middle of a project...sorry.

As for my stuff? I'm not sure it's going anywhere anytime soon. I thought maybe it would end up in the basement. However, with my parents moving, I've convinced Mike that we really "need" to store her quilting machine at our house. It gets up to 12 feet long, I believe, so about the only open wall space we have will be my future crafting area. I highly doubt Mike will be gung-ho to have me move my crafting stuff into his office after practically popping bubbly in celebration of getting his own space. So - in our room it will probably remain.

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