Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall Festivities

As mentioned in the previous post we did manage to find a very fun way to break away from packing my parents' house - leaf jumping!

My parents have some gigantic trees in the front yard and I'm pretty sure everything that is needed to take care of these leaves has been packed so there were QUITE a few for us to play in!
So Maddie, Jake and Austin all helped Grandma Smith build quite a pile and right before jumping in the pile, I managed to snap a shot of them before all craziness began:

But, as my sister mentioned in her post - it's hard for this family to stay out of the fun and that includes the grown-ups and soon mom, Tracy and myself were jumping and throwing just as many - if not more - leaves than the kids!

Austin even crowned Tracy: "Princess Mommy" - it's a title she wears proudly.

Ellie joined in the fun a bit later. I think she was still wondering what all of us were yelling and carrying on about, but she did pretty good job of getting into the spirit of things.

I can't say we actually cleared out anything from their yard, but it was a fun way to break up an afternoon of lifting boxes!

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missy said...

so did your mom and dad keep any leaves for a scrapbook page of memories. how many leaves were left.