Wednesday, October 15, 2008

World's Worst Babysitter

Yesterday morning Ellie and I got to bond while her siblings were off to the doctor. Tracy tried her best to do the "drop and run" - hoping Ellie wouldn't notice the absence so quickly, but this little girl is too smart for her mom and the second she realized Tracy wasn't actually stepping foot in my house with her - TEARS!

So, I swiped her up and we headed to the family room. Only we really have no toys for kids her age. We've kept around this driving thing simply because Ellie likes it and it's about the only thing not too small for her. But, even that wasn't helping. I tried talking, singing (making anyone cry...) and general goofiness. She was having none of it.

But doesn't she have on the cutest outfit???

So, I did what any self-respecting babysitter would do. I turned on the t.v. We honed in on cartoons and she and I finally bonded over Curious George and Sid the Science Kid (which, if you haven't seen that last one - is SO cute!!).

By the time Tracy arrived to pick her up all the tears were gone and in a whirl they were out the door before Riley started in on the tears from lack of movement!

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