Friday, October 17, 2008

Question of the Week

I get this magazine and the last page always has a list of things that begin, "I knew I was an adult when...." I love this page - it usually makes me crack up at one or two of the things because I've done or thought the same thing.

So, I started to think back to the first time I realized I was an adult. Here's my memory:

It was my junior year of college. I was living in my own apartment and was making dinner (rice hotdish...super cheap for college kids!) Anyway, it had awhile to cook and I was in a munchy/treat mood. I had also bought some Peppermint Bon Bon ice cream as a special treat for myself to eat for dessert and it was really calling my name.

Then it hit me - I could eat the ice cream BEFORE dinner!!! Why not!?! I wasn't sharing with anyone, I certainly didn't have any parents around to ask if it was okay because I was living in my own apartment and had bought and paid for the ice cream myself!!! I proceeded to eat the biggest bowl of ice cream I may have eaten up to that point in my life and walked around my kitchen giggling because how cool was this! That's when I realized I was an adult. I was - what? - 21.

So, think back - what was that one moment when you realized you were an adult? I'd love to read everyone's stories so post a comment! I have some nieces/nephews under 18 that read this, so if they want, they can post what they are most looking forward to. Hopefully it's a fun little trip down memory lane for you!


Anonymous said...

When I wrote out my check for car insurance. I earned the money, the name on the bill was mine, and the only name listed at the top of my check was mine.

Tracy said...

I'll keep thinking, but I don't remember having an "aha!" moment yet....forever young, that's my motto!

Sue H said...

I'm with Tracy -- three adult kids, retired, don't feel grown up yet!!! I suppose the closest time would be when David was a brand-new baby ('73) and I was going to the grocery store, I grabbed my purse and started to get in the car without him. *gasp* I have a BABY in the house!!! I don't know that I felt grown up, but it was a BIG realization of my responsibilities! Which I guess is a lot the same thing.