Monday, October 13, 2008

A Load Off

This last week has been so productive for me, personally! On Tuesday night I stayed awake until 12:30am (Wednesday morning if you want to get technical) but I was on a roll finishing this project. And for me personally when I get on this kind of kick I just really have a hard time stopping. So, I did finish it. Yahoo for project #1!

Friday morning I went to my friend, Jonda's to look at her crafting room and check out her projects and brainstorm on some ideas for things. She got me thinking about another project that I've had looming over me and I spent Friday afternoon finishing that one up! Two projects in one week and I was EXCITED!

Last night I even managed a few scrapbook pages. Then I looked in my corner of the room (or one of several corners I've taken over) and saw a third project that was about 95% finished. So, I sat down and finished that one. That was another late night project, but that finishing bug got me again and I got to bed around 12:45am. But it's done too!!!!!

All three of these projects have been hanging over my head all summer. I practically OWN a book from the library; I've renewed it literally all summer long. I've actually had to bring it back to the library twice to renew it just to prove that I wasn't renewing it just because I lost it. But this book helped me complete one of the projects and I couldn't let it go.

Unfortunately I can't show you these projects yet. They are all gifts for various people...but, all projects are completed in advance and I'm not doing them the night before. (Not that that's ever happened! wink...wink....). But - I do have pictures of them, and I will post those after they've been given.

And now? I have a few others up my sleeves. With my mom's quilting machine living here I plan to finally finish some quilt tops I've had sitting around for almost two years. And I plan to remove all my stamps from their blocks and remount them and figure out better storage. Hopefully this energy keeps up!

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