Friday, October 24, 2008

Let's Dish

Thursday night Tracy and Stacey and I headed to "Let's Dish" in Edina. My friend, Libby, had set up this night with her sister. For those that have no idea what this place is - you pay for a certain number of meals to prepare. They've got all the ingredients and the recipes, you just spend the time putting them all together. At the end of the night you have a bunch of meals ready to be frozen at home that are all ready to go. Tracy and I have talked repeatedly about doing this and splitting the meals. Tracy ended up being my assistant. She had just received about a dozen meals from her neighbors since having Riley. But, she still wanted to go along and see how the process worked.

The girls may have been getting into the bandanna look a little too much....

Fun night though - thanks, Lib! It is something I think I'll definitely try again in the future!

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