Thursday, October 23, 2008

First Phone Number

Yesterday Jake walked in the door with a huge grin on his face and said:

"Mom! I got Shelly's phone number!"

Okay - Shelly isn't really this girl's name, but I'm protecting the innocent. But this is the same girl who had a major crush on him in kindergarten. Her mom told me they find notes all over their house written, "I Love Jacob". In fact - these two have nicknames for each other. I could puke.

Anyway - he was pretty excited about this. Like...VERY excited. So excited that before we did ANYTHING I had to go to our phone list and write it down and he followed it up with, "Isn't that a great phone number!? Isn't that easy to remember!?"

After the ritual of dropping his bag right in the MIDDLE of the walkway we had this conversation:

Jake: Can she come over and play today?
Me: No.
Jake: I don't want to go to watch Maddie in gymnastics tomorrow, so can I just stay home with dad and she can come over and play?
Me: No.
Jake: What about Saturday?
Me: I doubt it.

What I wanted to say was: "Jake - you are going to give me a heart attack. No girls will be allowed in this house to play with you. Especially girls you are this excited about having memorized their phone number. You will be lucky if I let you date in college. You are six years old. Go find your buddies and play tackle football."

And yes, we are definitely busy on Saturday.

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