Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's Official

Yesterday, for the first time, Mike spent all day in his office working! Yahoo! It's not even close to being completely set up, but Saturday night we spent putting his desk back together. Without instructions. It's a bit complicated and we had to take a few pieces apart to add something we forgot. But, the kids had a blast helping - they got to use the drill, Jake found a reason to use a flashlight (one of the greatest inventions EVER in his mind!) and they got to lift a few pieces.

Then we started clearing out the guestroom. I wish I'd taken a before/after picture. That room was housing everything we had in our basement. So it was basically trying to fit a basement full of stuff into a closet. Yeah - not working so great. So, Mike's office is littered with boxes until we come up with a better plan, or purge, or both. Halfway through hauling all this we looked at each other and realized we were just moving a mess from one room to another - not really accomplishing anything; kinda frustrating.

Anyway, here's Mike in his new home - he hasn't moved the large work chair from our room, but as I sit in it to type this, I'm expecting him to come up and grab it any second...

Is this the picture of happiness or what? It was taken at midnight last night. He'd been on a conference call since 10pm. The call finally ended about a half-hour later. Needless to say it wasn't an early morning here today!

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