Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Driving home from my parent's house on Saturday (yep - Saturday was an extremely busy day!) we stopped at a pumpkin patch to get some of those orange balls for carving at a party that night.

I really like this pumpkin patch. It's super close to our house. While it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of an apple orchard, it's just a nice local farm that has a fun atmosphere. And who can't resist a pumpkin patch owned by "Peter Pumpkin and Carmen Corn".

So we were able to take a tractor ride out to the field and walked our way back through the patch looking for those two perfect pumpkins that will grace our front step this Halloween.

It is the kids' job to find their pumpkins - Mike really tries to help the process by pointing out several "perfect" pumpkins for them to pick. My job is to take pictures. I'm usually left behind still snapping away. It's a good thing they love me because anyone else would be annoyed enough to leave me behind.
Maddie managed to find her pumpkin halfway across the field. Then realized she had to carry it...half way across the field....

Jake - not surprisingly - had other ideas. I think he intended to inspect ALL the pumpkins before deciding. He wanted a "round one" - and we soon discovered he meant it - no flat sides. Don't even try to offer those. Mike offered up many fine specimens. Even I stopped taking pictures at one point to try and help this search.

Jake did manage to find his perfect pumpkin. And he found it a lot closer to the parking lot than Maddie - hence he didn't have to carry it as far. There may just have been some logic in this thought process!
And I just love taking pictures here - so I'll post a few of my favorites:


Anonymous said...

Are you sure that the close up of Maddie's face wasn't taken by Mike. I'm was just thinking that maybe he was focusing on the background???? Sorry about that! It looked like a gorgeous fun day with your kids. I didn't know that Maddie had freckles. Adorable.

missy said...

so do you have a picture of the after you were home with tired kids and messy pumpkins stuffing everywhere. We don't carve any more dad doesn't like it cuz it's too messy.