Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dinner - Chez Murphy Style

Saturday night the kids spent the night at my parents' house.  Mike and I had from 3pm on to ourselves.  At 5 pm he came up from doing taxes.  Can we live in the moment or what?

We had decided to make dinner at home.  We dined on crab legs, cheese biscuits and wine.  My sister (via my mom) has the crab leg recipe here.  De-li-cious.  And EASY!

While we finished steaming the crab legs, Mike set the table. 

What?  Something looks out of place?  You mean the pliers on the end?  Nope - not out of place.  Those were well cleaned before and after.  We don't own crab-leg crackers yet and while most of the legs we can break with our bare hands, the claws are tough. 

Over dinner we started making a list of things we should probably outfit our kitchen with now that we are 13 1/2 years into marriage.  A set of crab-leg accessories are at the top.  The kids love crab legs too so when they are on sale, this will be on the Murphy menu.


Dan said...

I like the pliers. We don't have the proper tool either so we use nut crackers, they work great.


Kerry said...

I guess nut crackers would be one more thing to add to the list then.