Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Suiting Up

Last weekend while we were shopping, the kids stayed with my parents.  For some reason Maddie and Jake don't mind shopping with them, but they hate shopping with us.  My parents took them to Kohl's.

I guess mom and Jake found this and Jake loved it.  LOVED it.  He's my little dress-up man.  He loves to wear a tie to church on special occasions.  He thinks vests are great with ties.  He has "church shoes" as he calls them.

He tried this on for us at my parents' house and came out beaming:

His first suit.  It's pinstripe.

I mentioned how I thought we could remove the little hanky-thing in the pocket and make others to match the ties he already had.  He said he thought that sounded good, but he also thought we could take it out and he could put a little flower in there instead.

Pinstripes and a red carnation - the cutest little mobster ever.


Sue H said...

Jake so needs to start carrying a little violin case.

The Pats said...

Nice job of picking out a grown up suit for a cute young man! You look great, Jake.

Sheri said...

He's so cute!! He will definitely be a "playah"!!

Anonymous said...

he is so adorable. Makes you get so teary eyed mom. He is growing up. So handsome.......