Saturday, March 20, 2010

No Next Time

I've gone a week without my wedding ring.  One of the prongs broke and it was taken to the jeweler.  They informed me they would just reset it because the previous soldering job was a "little off" according to them.  A couple days later they called to say that after talking to four different suppliers they could not find this setting for a diamond sized smaller than half-carat and my ring was just under that.  I think she was nervous to tell me that in case my husband had embellished and told me it was a full half-carat.

This past Friday Mike and I went to the jeweler to pick it up while running errands.  The lady helping us explained again why they couldn't reset it and just soldered it, but ended her tale with, "So, next time you just need to get a bigger diamond!"

I shot a look at Mike whose eyes were opened pretty wide and I put my hand on his arm and told her, "Actually, he's pretty great.  There won't be a next time."

I'm not sure Mike's convinced this is the best jeweler for us.

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