Monday, March 29, 2010

New 'Do

This morning Maddie and I drove around trying to find a new bedspread for her room - only to discover what she picked out can only be ordered online.

I mentioned getting a haircut appointment for her and she was all on-board for it.  Right then.  Luckily our hair-stylist had an opening.

Without further's the new Maddie...

She decided she might go as Taylor Swift this Halloween if I can figure out how the stylist did this.

And sadly, this is the last haircut by Lorna.  She told us today she was going back to school.  Tracy gets her hair cut by Lorna too and we were in a little misery when I broke the news this afternoon.  Finding a new hairstylist is a akin to finding a good bathing suit.  Both are headache-inducing.  But Lorna gave me some good leads so hopefully something pans out.

If not, this could be the last haircut the Murphy girls ever receive.


Carol said...

Maddie, you look so grown up and that is really a cute cut on you! I love it!!!

Sue H said...

Really cute haircut on a really cute girl!

Aunt Missy said...

You are getting older now. Stop growing up. Looks really cute. Can't wait to see you.

Sheri said...

Oh my gosh!! It's adorable. What a cute cut for her pretty face!!