Thursday, March 11, 2010

Glasses - Take 2

A couple weeks back Maddie came home with a note from the school nurse stating that her eye test didn't go so great with her left eye and she needed to see an eye doctor. 

After testing both eyes we learned that she is near-sighted in one eye and far-sighted in the other eye, but she sees 20/20 when looking with both eyes.  This wasn't a surprise.  She wore glasses from about age 4-8 and the doctor mentioned this discrepency but thought she would be fine without glasses if she chose.  So, he offered up her options by saying, "If you want glasses because the transparencies are blurry then go ahead and get them to see if it gets better.  But, if you'd rather not wear glasses and would like to say, 'hey, people, get off my back, I'm good.' then that's fine too."  She opted for glasses because she's working with the media center lately and hoping to do some "anchoring" of their school's news and wanted to be able to see the monitor clearly.  My budding journalist.

We finally got a chance to go late last week and get some picked out.  Ugh.  She, Mike and I were pulling out all sorts of frames.  Coincidentally she only liked the ones she pulled.  Mike gave up before me and finally said to me, "You know...she isn't going to like a single frame we pull out for her."  What he was really saying to me in code was, "Stop pulling out every flippin' frame in this place or we'll have to go to a different store to find something she likes."  I got the hint and went and played 20 questions with Jake.

We did end up at three different stores, only to return to the first one, but Maddie chose these frames that she loves...

At first it was a little weird for her to look through glasses again and after the lady adjusted them Maddie started to walk out and looked at me and said that she thought she saw better without the glasses.  (Which is not what you want to hear after you've already paid.)  We had them double-check that the lenses weren't backwards.  The lady said, "It's a fairly strong correction, so she might just have to get used to it at first."

Maddie's correction was a +1.5 and -1.75.  I looked at the lady after and said, "But it's not that strong of a correction," because obviously I know so much about this.  But, in my family it really isn't.  I was somewhere around a +/-4 with my correction.  I believe my sister hovered around a +/-6.  My mom was legally blind without glasses.  So a +/-1 was nothing in my opinion.  But, the professional just looked at me and said, "Yes, actually, it is."  We skiddaddled.

She is going to wear these for a solid month and see how she feels about wearing them all the time or if she thinks a part-time gig is in her future.

Despite my early reservations on these, I have to say they've grown on me; she did a good job and knows her style.


Sheri said...

I think she looks adorable!! And, more grown up. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing for you. Tell her "anchor's away" from Sheri!

Kelley and Gary said...

VERY cute Maddie!