Friday, March 26, 2010

Show Time

Yesterday was Jake's concert for his classroom.  He had informed me that he needed to wear his suit.  He had told his teacher about it and she said she was very excited to see it.  I heard this no less than five times the last few days beforehand.

He walked in standing tall and looking proud of himself.  Then he sat and got down to business.

They actually had a lot of big songs to learn and it's amazing how many words these kids memorize!

Each student also has a speaking part:

And what is a concert without a little boogying?

Afterward we went to his classroom and his teacher said to me, "I just about died when he walked into class this morning!" 

I told her I had just about died too, except mine was from panic that his suit was going to be destroyed by day's end.

But the little man was extra careful (after I literally begged him to do just that) and the suit is in one piece, clean, and hanging in his closet waiting for Easter.



Carol said...

Great program Jake!

Sheri said...

What a little stud!