Monday, March 8, 2010

Homework Hassles

Last week Maddie came home with a "Chocolate Caper" assignment.

This sounds delicious, doesn't it?  It had nothing to do with eating.  It was a booklet of logic puzzles that they were assigned each day.  She said it had to do with math class.

I love logic puzzles; especially the kind with the little boxes that you "x" out as you figure out the clues to who did what, when, and where they live.  But, in general, I'm a big fan of logic puzzles and have occasionally bought a book of them when going on trips.  I've tried to find these apps on my iPod, but haven't been successful...yet.

Anyway, I would have been the perfect candidate to help her out on these and Mike knew it.  He hates stuff like this.  And he especially didn't see how this related to math in any way, shape or form (he also made sure he voiced that opinion well out of earshot of Maddie).  But there were a couple of really tough ones and these happened on the nights I taught.

One night I came out of my studio to this:


They had already restarted this logic puzzle twice by the time I got out.  They thought they had it figured out until I pointed out one flaw.  The third time was the charm though and all together we were able to figure this one out.

Mike is awesome with helping the kids with their homework.  But I think he might lose it if anymore of these logic puzzles come home.

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Tracy said...

Mike--send her to my house with these if Kerry is teaching! Pretty please! I love them too!