Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Wheels

Remember this keychain?

It is now home to our new Toyota Highlander Keys. 

Mike and I have been visiting different dealerships the last couple weeks and last weekend we purchased this.  We had to wait a few days because they had to drive the one we wanted in from Wisconsin.  But Thursday afternoon we headed to Brooklyn Park and picked it up.  We both really like it and the kids love it.  It gives us all the room we wanted, but doesn't feel huge.

Sadly it isn't a stick shift.  It's the only disappointing thing.

But...get a load of this little area now on a lot of automatic cars...

When we were shopping for our previous car we mentioned that we wanted a manual transmission.  We had one salesman who tried to pawn this off as feeling, "just like a stick shift" but on the days I didn't feel like driving a manual transmission, then I could just put it in automatic.  I'm sure his sales pitch worked on someone who had never driven a stick shift before.  But, if you've ever driven a stick-shift you know that is so NOT true.  After about the third time of trying to sell us on this I just looked at Mike because I was about to say something that was probably going to be severly sarcastic; this guy was annoying.  Mike just looked at him and said, "I really don't think that's the way to sell this car to her."  He countered that his son (who wanted a stick-shift) had this on the car they had given him and didn't complain.  We decided that if our parents had given us a brand new car at 16, we wouldn't have complained either.

It's a little less time with only one car than we anticipated.  As we drove off the lot Mike said, "Well, we made it one week.  Aren't we tough."  But, the deal was good and quite frankly, Mike is the one that was having to reschedule a lot of things to accomodate when we each needed the car.  His schedule is just a little more flexible.  Generally when I get a phone call (as I did) for a funeral, I'm not able to ask for it to be rescheduled.  (I've actually tried in the past.)

And yes, it's a Toyota. Any joke you have for us, I'm sure we've heard. But go ahead...


The Pats said...

Great choice, Kerry (and Mike). I love my Highlander and also have been watching all the hoopla about Toyotas. I've had mine for a year (in April) and have had no problems and love the way it rides and handles. You'll love it!


The Pats said...

Did you get the 4 cylinder or V-6 engine? Pat has the 4 cylinder and it has plenty of zip. Enjoy.


Sheri said...

Very cool car!! I drive a Toyota Rav4 and love it. Not as small as a car, but not as big as a minivan. Perfection!! Have fun in it!