Monday, August 25, 2008

16 days of TV watching ended

Mike, Jake and I watched most of the closing ceremonies last night for the Olympics. (sigh) This morning the kids tried to watch "The Today Show" as we have the last couple weeks and soon bored of it and we are back to cartoons in the morning.

Jake was loving the closing ceremonies - he had found a little American flag and was waving it proudly yelling, "Go, America!"

So, as a close to our Olympic Fanfare, I will relate a "Jake story" from a few weeks back:

It was right after the opening ceremonies. Jake had been in Iowa, and out of the four of us was the only one to actually see the opening ceremonies. So we were discussing what he saw and he mentioned the fireworks. I asked him if he knew that the Chinese invented the fireworks. He said,

"Yeah! The Chinese invented everything! I mean EVERYTHING! Whenever I look at the back of my toys and other stuff, they all say, 'Made in China'!"

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