Thursday, August 14, 2008

Olympic Fans

In our house, we've all pretty much been drawn into the Olympics. A couple nights ago instead of movie night we all got in our pajamas right around 7pm and cuddled up to watch the Olympics. Maddie likes it, but Jake, Mike and I really get into it. Maddie is actually waiting for the girls' gymnastics. She missed last night because she wasn't feeling too well.

Jake, Mike and I watched the men's volleyball last night. After that it was swimming...Jake missed that. I asked Jake what he liked to watch and he said he liked the beach volleyball and swimming. I asked if he liked the men's or women's volleyball better - he said he liked both. Mike shook his head - he has a definite preference.
I don't know what it is about the Olympics - I'm clearly not athletically motivated to watch them. But, I do know I'm a sucker for the stories behind some of the people and countries. Yesterday afternoon Jake and I watched the American water polo competition. It wasn't the most exciting sport I've ever seen, I must say the fact that this team was ranked no where near Italy, yet won anyway - that was pretty neat. In between was another sport - kayaking. A) I have no idea if it's spelled correctly, sorry. B) Who even knew that was an Olympic sport. C) On top of all that - Togo (a country) won the bronze. Now, I've never even heard of this country but how cool was it that he won the first ever medal for his country! AND in a sport that they barely have because it's in Africa - not a lot of water sports that they excel at. And he was so excited about it.

That's probably my biggest frustration watching it all though. When countries win a silver or bronze and just aren't happy with it. I mean, I understand in some aspects - they worked hard, they dreamed of the gold, etc, etc. But still - I find it so sad. I am excited, however, that Jake and Maddie are still happy when America wins any medal - no matter what color. Jake's a huge cheering section whenever the American flag pops up - he constantly keeps us updated on who won or the latest points for whatever he's watching.

So, this could very well be the most t.v. we've watched during the day in months. It's still not on 24/7, but when it is - most household things come to a halt and we all start cheering for the home team!

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