Saturday, August 16, 2008

Book Busting Deal!

A few weeks back my sister called to say that there was an online coupon available at Border's book that gave you $5 off any book over that amount. That's what it was supposed to do, and did. But maybe there was a disgruntled programmer working the codes that day because when you ordered any other books on the same order, it automatically made them free! Obviously this wasn't working as expected and Tracy was trying to get an order in before it was realized and thought I may want to try.

Of course I wanted to try! So, Jake and I spent 45 minutes going through the website and picking out books. We had a total of 17 books by the time we started trying to actually place the order.

However, we weren't the only people trying to get in on this programming error! So the website was i-n-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-y s-l-o-w. Mike checked in on us occasionally and wondered if he should make childcare plans should the cops show up to take his wife to jail on criminal charges. Jake finally got bored of waiting around, but I'd order and pop in to see if it went through. It never did. Between this I just happened to check my email where I found a message from Borders saying they had received my order and it would be shipped shortly. I didn't know if this actually had worked or not because not once did I get to the end of the website ordering page, but I stopped there and crossed my fingers. My sister never did get through, and my dad did, but never got an email confirming.

Last week I received another message from Borders saying our shipment was on it's way and because I was shipping it to a store (to avoid shipping costs) they would call when it arrived. Well, a week went by and with the tracking number I saw it had arrived, but no call came. We finally went and discovered it definitely was there and we got our books! Note for future Borders' customers: if you ship to the stores, they don't call to say it's arrived, despite what the email says because the store doesn't have access to the phone number. I guess their website isn't the only part of the company not totally organized.

So the kids and I picked up the books and got this gigantic box! They are so excited about having these new books around!

And me? I'm excited too. I got 17 brand-new books for 95 cents!!!


missy said...

That's sounds so cool. was it a big variety of books to choose from?

Kerry said...

It was awesome - you could choose any book they listed - it just had to be under $5 - which actually made anything Maddie's level and harder a little difficult to find!