Friday, August 15, 2008

Outdoor decorating

A couple nights ago we had some friends over. Instead of bringing flowers, they brought gifts for the kids. They are grandparents and spoiling is what they do.

Maddie got a slumber party set-up for her Generation dolls. A huge hit! Jake got this Crayola foaming thing. This contraption makes this foam come out the tube in different colors and you can draw on your driveway or the grass with it.

So, the kids headed outside the next day and we got everything set up. They were having a good time drawing -

even I did some fun little drawings!

So our driveway was decorated in blue, yellow and green foam. Then the kids went to their friends and the contraption was put away. A couple hours later we left to go shopping and all the foam had - gone away? popped? How does foam disappear? Anyway - it was gone and in it's place was what looked like a chalk drawing. I rubbed my shoe over it to wipe it away - only nothing left - the marks barely even smudged! I looked up to see if Mike had seen that, and he hadn't, so I decided it was better to just get in the car.

The next day it rained - it rained fairly hard at times. We left later to go run errands. I was the last out and Mike said he wasn't so sure about the was STILL on our driveway. It wasn't as colorful as it had been, but it was definitely still readable. We weren't sure it was ever going to come off.

Now it's about 3 days later and I it's still on the driveway. I'm just really glad I didn't let the kids foam up the grass like the container said was a good idea. I can only imagine what kind of dead-grass-designs we'd have.

Oh yeah - and Jake's hands ended up looking Yoda-ish. Hard to tell in the picture, but his hands were green - and we couldn't get that off for a couple hours either. Maddie resembled a smurf at one point, but the stuff on her hands hadn't dried quite as much so it was far easier to get off.

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Tracy said...

oooh, my neighbor had her kids do this on her driveway in's still there. Good luck!