Saturday, August 9, 2008

Skol, Vikings!

Last night Mike and I had the opportunity to head to the Vikings Preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks. My dad and brother were also going so we all headed to the game together. Now, being a preseason game, I didn't expect much; they'd play the starters maybe one quarter, then the rest would be their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th string (if it got that far...and I believe the quarterback did). But still - it's the first game - I thought there would be a little more build-up to it all. But nope - they kind of ran on without much lackluster (or cheering) and the game started. I almost missed it all. The lack of cheering was probably due to the lack of people - there were still quite a few empty seats.

Anyway - miserable game. The starting quarterback was the only starter to play at all...and I'm not even sure he played the whole first quarter. By the end we all had agendas: at 2:00 minutes left, my brother yelled out, "TAKE A KNEE!" The lady in front of us had her binoculars zoomed in on a t.v. showing the Twins game. And the guy sitting next to my dad was trying to zoom his camera in on the cheerleaders. Then at 12 seconds in the entire game left the Vikings prolonged the misery and took a time out. I believe at that point it was 34 to 17 - but I guess only seasoned pros know the reason as to why we couldn't have just called it a night.

Still fun to be at though. Slightly into the first quarter a lady showed up to sit next to me; she was wearing one of those funny little Vikings hats with the braids, but wasn't dressed in all purple and gold and looked fairly quiet. Then she started watching the game and took every opportunity to yell out instructions. She was frightening...her voice was a good, solid baritone, if not a little lower into the bass section. And she would yell out, "INTERCEPTION!!!" just about every play. My brother said he turned around to see who the guy was that was yelling and when he realized it was a woman he turned back to the game quickly - he didn't want to be caught staring. Why she thought the team would catch an interception when we couldn't even catch our own passes, I don't know.

I also got to people watch which is a favorite past-time and Vikings games are great places to do this. I noticed a family resemblance between my brother and dad.

I showed my brother and he took my camera and took this picture...proof he isn't so bad.

I only show this because we were all discussing Brett Favre's career and Dan and I disagreed over whether Brett ever got a Superbowl ring. Dan bet me $5million that Brett had. I lost, but I think I can finagle my way out of this bet because I don't remember saying, "you're on!" and we definitely never shook on it.

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