Saturday, August 2, 2008

Offer we couldn't refuse!

Tracy called me up this afternoon and asked what was up tonight. She honestly threw me into a slight panic because I was trying to remember what it was that I had apparently forgotten. But, she only meant, what were we up to, and were we interested in her offer: we provide the pool and they provide the s'mores. Seeing as how I didn't have to go out and buy anything or put any other type of effort into this - why would we pass this up?

So, after dinner the Runchey's came over for a swim and treats; our neighbors joined us, but already had their little man ready for bed so they couldn't stay long. Austin is a little fish! He kept dunking under water, only it looked so bizarre because he never really took a breath to hold beforehand. He just simply sunk under water, stayed there and came back up after he had floated a bit toward Tracy. But, he was having a ball and he's not afraid of the water anymore, so everyone was happy!

Then it was time for s'mores. That got Jake out of the water quickly! Delicious, as always! But watching/listening to Austin eat these was something else! That kid cracked me up! He had the gooiest s'more out of any of us, I believe and thought he could hold it one handed - while we all tried to suggest he hold it with two before it all slid out. Then as I sat next to him, I heard this strange sound - and I looked at him. He was actually sucking out the marshmallow from the middle of the crackers. Then I continued watching him and he proceeded to lick his s'more. This I've never seen....
Honestly - I was kind of impressed. But, he just couldn't finish this. I think he broke Tracy's heart - she is a gigantic fan of this dessert and when he handed over his sucked-on-de-gooed s'more and said he was done she just said, "what a waste of a good s'more." I'm sure he'll grow to love them as much as his mom.

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