Monday, August 11, 2008

So much to tell...

This weekend was insane. Seriously, I'm not sure we've had a weekend this busy...ever. But Mike tells me these posts are too long, so I'll be breaking it down over the week - or posting several smaller ones over the next couple days.

So, I'm going to tackle Saturday. Saturday was crazy busy, but also a ton of fun. It started off with Mike heading down to Cedar Falls, IA to pick up Jake from Grandma Murphy. I didn't see him until 4:15 again. I spent the day cleaning our house top to bottom (I know! Pick up those dropped jaws!) then I was trying to get set up for our neighborhood party that night. One of the bunco ladies had a sister whose neighborhood sponsored a progressive golf night, so we copied it. Basically everyone teamed up with a neighbor and created a mini-golf course/hole in their backyard. We teamed up with the Schroeders across the street and had such a blast planning our hole. We went with a decades theme - 50's - 80's and had food/drinks to match each decade. If people got low scores or landed in sand or water they had to don a piece of clothing we found that matched one of the decades. The final loser ended up wearing the four pieces of clothing from that decade. Some of our items were an afro, Elvis glasses, a poodle skirt (my mom whipped this up in one night...), saddle shoes, jelly shoes, tye-dye get the picture. People looked goofy. Mike and I (mostly Mike...) managed to win a really nice bottle of wine on one of the holes. I'm honestly afraid to drink it...hopefully we can figure out a meal that ends up being just as nice!

Mike got home and I headed out to play for a wedding reception until 6:30 and then I raced home to join the game already in session. I'm pretty sure Mike was already slightly inebriated by hole #1. Then we went around and everyone seemed to really get into coming up with drinks for their hole and there was no lack of thirst quenchers. Everyone ended up at our house at the end to swim and hang out and it was such fun! We are really fortunate to live in a neighborhood with great families!

Sunday morning...that was a little painful. I managed to get to church and survived the service - I even played the right hymns. Survival was probably helped along by the fact that I play in the balcony where no one sits during the summer so I laid down and rested my eyes during the sermon.

But...that's Sunday and for a different post.

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