Monday, August 18, 2008

Olympics Imagined

As I've already posted, we are Olympic fans here! But, after finally getting to watch the women's all-around gymnastics the other night, and after seeing Michael Phelps race into history on Saturday night (for which you possibly heard A LOT of screaming from our house...especially Jake!) the kids were ready to get going as their favorite Olympians.

In the pool on Friday they were both swimmers: Madison preferred to be called Natalie Coughlin and Jake...of course he was Michael Phelps. After racing back and forth across the pool I awarded them each a gold medal because they were just so fast! Then they decided these same two athletes would take on diving. Being that it isn't their "real" sport and our divers still need some work, they won the bronze for these. Jake did the famous "Michael Phelps" know, the one where he pumped his arms after the first relay where they beat the french.

Okay, this may not be a real picture from that day, but let me assure you the resemblance was uncanny.
Well, Sunday morning and well into the afternoon found our Olympians going through their rounds again. Only this time Maddie was Shawn Johnson. She's been working on perfecting her handstand, as well as her presentation poses:

Jake was still Michael Phelps getting ready for the backstroke:

While the next picture is not technically the greatest, it gives you a general idea of what was following by this pose...the water entry, of course...

And then they were off to their next event...

I guess we'll have to wait and see what medals they are awarded next. I'd really like it to be for clean rooms. Dream big.

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Aunt Missy said...

great picture of micheal phelps(oops) I mean Jake, the kids really liked him. Shawn Johnson (oops) I mean Maddie, kids liked her. Good luck on the next olympians from Minnesota.