Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Girl's Afternoon

Since Jake is in Iowa this week, Maddie and I decided to have a "Girl's Afternoon". It started with lunch. I gave Maddie the choice of where to eat - I completely expected her to say "Red Lobster" because this is a favorite place of hers. To my complete surprise (and quite frankly, disappointment) she picked the Old Country Buffet. If I had to find a bright spot, at least I had a coupon for a free meal for her there. Because we are incredibly generous ladies, we asked Mike if he wanted to tag along so he joined us for lunch.

Afterward we dropped Mike off to continue working and we headed to the nail salon. Maddie had wanted a manicure. Tracy told me that she had a great place for pedicures that were only $25 so I talked Maddie into getting one of these instead of a manicure. She was a little skeptical, but decided to give it a try. Well, when we arrived they were running a summer special - pedicure AND manicure for $35. I was about to say "no" when Maddie looked at me and said, "Pleeeaaaase, mom....manicure??????" Since I had barely convinced myself to say no, this wasn't a hard sell. So, we hopped up in these AMAZING chairs. Massage chairs. I want one for my family room, and I wouldn't share it. The ladies set to work on our feet and we (meaning Maddie) eventually relaxed and enjoyed this experience.

While working on my feet, the woman helping me said, "we do eyebrow waxes too...$7." I said that was great. She said, "Would you like one today?" I said I didn't have time, but I'd probably be back for it. She said, "Really...because you need one." Admiring her honesty, I agreed with her thinking the subject would be dropped. She proceeded to question me as to why I had let it go so long. Apparently I look like a gorilla.

But my feet are pretty. And my fingers too. Though whenever I get manicures it doesn't take me very long to realize why I almost NEVER get manicures. They are just too hard to deal with. I'm trying to be so careful to not scratch off the paint - this is just too stressful. The manicure for Maddie (though really cool...) was a bit of a disappointment for her. The lady did Maddie's manicure while she sat in the chair waiting for her toes to dry. I found out at the end that for Maddie a manicure just isn't a manicure unless she gets to sit at the desk and hold her hands up to be painted. Good to know for future girls' afternoons.

So, here's the finished foot product. It was a fun afternoon - especially if I choose to ignore what may very well have been an insult regarding my furry brows.

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