Thursday, August 28, 2008

Out with the Old - In with the New

About four or five years ago Mike got me a PDA for Mother's Day - you know those little hand-held things that have a calendar, contacts, syncs to the computer and you can download all this great info? Anyway - I LOVED mine. I never learned how to get on the internet at Panera with it (much to Mike's technology chagrin) but I loved it all the same. I had every bit of info I needed on hand whenever I needed it.

However, the last year has been increasingly sad for me as this little machine has started to get old. At first it couldn't keep a charge for very long, but I got it a new battery. Then it would just either freeze up or crash every few days. Mike, a.k.a. "the surgeon" actually took matters into his own hands one day after I practically broke into tears because my sidekick was kicking the bucket. He got out his soldering tools and did whatever he did, plus managed to super-glue the battery in and still make it work. Well, it worked for about another two weeks. During all of this we would stop at Best Buy or wherever and ask about PDA's that had what I needed. Turns out they don't make many styles anymore because everyone has that technology on their phone. This is where we hit a wall because I refused to pay $500 for a phone that I only wanted to make calls and easily reference my calendar or contacts.

So for the past so many months I've been relying on my memory or whatever I remembered to write on the calendar on our fridge (which is mainly meant for kids' stuff). Not a good system. I've forgotten appointments left and right. I was finally telling Mike I was going to have to break down and just buy a write-in calendar. But that just made me mad because I'd only get a half-year use out of it, and still have to retype everything in the computer calendar I keep.

So last month Mike was doing some phone research for me and found something he thought would fit my budget and give me only the bells and whistles I wanted. I've had to wait a month since then until my plan was eligible for a new phone with a discount. Ta-da!!!!

The kids LOVE that it slides open. do I. But mostly I love that I get all my features and don't have to pay for internet connections and all that extra stuff. I feel connected to the world again and hopefully will manage to show up where and when I'm supposed to be somewhere!

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