Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Great Minnesota Get-Together

I'm looking outside this morning and very thankful we didn't have this rainy weather yesterday at the fair! How miserable that must be. Our day could have been better, but it could have been worse too.
We had warned the kids that there would be TONS of walking and we would be sharing ALL the food so no whining. This was especially aimed at Jake, but subtly.

Jake informed us before we even got to the gate that his feet were tired. Not a good sign. Once inside he was good for about five minutes, then just kept telling us how tired he was. But, we told him we had a long day and he needed to try to get some energy, so we offered up food. He wasn't all that into eating. He tried a little of everything we got, but never too much.

On the other hand - the other three of our party loved the food! We introduced the kids to cheese curds - being that Friday was the first time Mike or I had ever eaten them. YUM! We had Cini Smith's Cinnamon rolls (another intro on Friday by the Runchey team) and Maddie LOVED those. Pronto Pups, cookies, funnel cake, lots of lemonade, a malt, plenty of milk and whatever else we passed by. How was the chocolate dipped bacon, you ask? Unfortunately by the time we got around to it, we were in the wrong area - I had goofed on where it was so it will have to wait until next year.

The kids went through a few of their favorites - mainly the farm this area Jake was happy. It was what he wanted to do. (Fun fact: Mike hates this area. He doesn't know why though, but it drives him nuts to do this every year.)

This is generally how the day moved on. Mike would alternately give Jake a ride on his shoulders or a piggy back until Jake got to be too much. Jake would walk, we'd eat a little, Jake would tell us how tired he was, then we'd get somewhere he requested and his spirits would lift up. Here's us on the slide...he thought this was awesome.

The only other ride we went on was "Ye Old Mill". Maddie kept telling me she wanted to sit with Mike or I, but I told her I was going to sit with her dad. Well, she bee-lined for the front of the line and hopped in beside him when we got on. And dog-gone if she didn't look at me with a sly smile that said, "na-na-na-na naaaa naaaa". Jake also loved this ride. Maddie? Not. A. Fan. She had a death-grip on Mike because it was so dark. Then she wanted to go in the Haunted Mansion because she didn't think it would be too scary. Right - like that was going to happen.
Mike and I couldn't figure out if Jake really was getting sick, or if he was just being exactly what we had feared. At one point this was the look I got after offering up some cookies...

Okay -- he may also have been tired of me trying to take yet another picture.
We had planned to stay until 4pm, but by 3pm Jake was finished and even Maddie was starting to get tired so we called it a day.
This was our ride home...

And how did Jake fair the rest of the day? Well, I headed straight to my parents' house to help on a quilt project and didn't return until about 11:30pm. Mike informed me that Jake did indeed have a fever of about 102 that broke around 10:30pm. Today Jake has been told to lie low, gets a day of t.v. and hopefully is on the mend by this afternoon.
Better luck next year.

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